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5 Top Brand Campaign Innovations In The Face Of The Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has completely reshaped how we live our lives – to the point that by now, saying it feels like stating the obvious.


The Value of Purpose Driven Consumer Campaigns

The world is changing at a rapid pace and the importance of corporate and consumer responsibility is more critical than ever before. With everything h...

Remote Work COVID-19 Learning Management Platform

Remote Learning Management Systems (LMS) - A New Core Competency For Businesses

In the current public health crisis surrounding COVID-19, every company has to rethink many if not most aspects of their operations. Corporate knowled...


Can Recycling Boost Brand Loyalty?

Irecently watched the “Plastic Wars” episode on Frontline (viewable for US audiences here). It was quite eye-opening, but for less-obvious reasons tha...


Is Consumer Loyalty Possible In The Digital Age?

According to research by Accenture Strategy, 71% of loyalty program members claim that loyalty programs do not engender loyalty, and 77% admit that th...

Receipt Validation

Why And When You Should Use Receipt Validation

In the past, activating a proof of purchase sales promotion or loyalty program required significant investment in product packaging, integration with ...


B2B Loyalty: Distributors and Sales Staff Are People Too

After all, at the end of the day, distributors, dealers, sales staff, etc. are people too. Having built, refreshed, or advised on a variety of loyalty...