on May 05, 2020 Promotions

5 Top Brand Campaign Innovations In The Face Of The Coronavirus Pandemic

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The coronavirus pandemic has completely reshaped how we live our lives – to the point that by now, saying it feels like stating the obvious.

The ongoing crisis is also causing significant disruption for marketers, with news that almost nine in 10 marketers are now delaying campaigns in response to Covid-19, brands are forced to rethink their marketing strategies and actions to make them more relevant.

Today, we wanted to look at five brands who, when forced to be adaptable in these uncertain times, have shown how to be innovative and unique in adapting their current approach.

BrewDog Creates Online Bar Experience 

Last month, BrewDog replicated its traditional bar experience with an online meet-up to encourage consumers to adhere to social-distancing guidelines.

So far they’ve hosted a series of events including beer tasting, homebrewing masterclasses, pub quizzes, live music, comedy shows and more. The good news is you can still participate here.

Takeaway: Create more opportunities for consumer touchpoints that aren’t always directly related to sales, but rather, engagement. 

Magnum Giving Away Free Kits To Make Ice Cream At Home

Popular ice cream brand Magnum (in partnership with Deliveroo), offered the UK a chance to take to the kitchen. With its ice cream DIY kits, users were able to send a kit to a friend, or claim one for themselves for free!

A handy how-to guide leads participants through the experience, though creative freedom is encouraged.

While the DIY kits were a limited time only offer, there are still Magnums (in new flavours) available for delivery

Takeaway: Are there ways to adapt your offering to cater to at-home users? Any means of providing entertainment or activity? 

Intimacy Brand Skyn Giving The '#staythef***home' Movement A Compelling Twist: 'Stay And F*** At Home'

In an attempt to slow the spread of Covid-19, people around the world are being urged and authorised to stay at home. In this effort to contain the virus, and to keep people safe, social distancing is presented as the best form of combat. Online, people have already rallied behind this important prevention measure in a big way, with the hashtags #staythefhome and #staythef***home.

Given the confusion and uncertainty in these times of imposed confinement, intimacy brand Skyn is adding valuable insights to the conversation — by presenting a more pleasurable quarantine than binge-watching series all day. Skyn supports the social distancing movement, by using pleasure as a powerful incentive.

To share its message, Skyn is reaching out where everyone is living, online. The brand will be publishing content featuring messages like, “Coming is always safer than going”, compelling people to ‘Stay And F*** At Home’ in order to keep everyone safer. This initiative advocates for ways to make the best of the situation and reminds us that we can turn restrictive measures into something that brings us together.

Takeaway: Look for ways to make lemonade out of proverbial lemons and ask with any type of marketing - start with identifying your target group and reaching them where they are. 

Mental Health Charity CALM, Alongside Twitter, Joined Forces To Bring Stand-Up Comedy To Audience Feeds Each Day

A major concern about life under lockdown is its potential impact on mental health.

Since lockdown began, more than one-third of Twitter users (37 per cent) have spent more time on social media, and are looking for connections, news and entertainment. Nine out of 10 Twitter users said a distraction to take their mind off things would help improve their mental health at this time.

CALM teamed up with Twitter to launch #CALMComedyClub, a livestreamed comedy series offering big laughs from big names.

Comedians Russell Kane, Paul Chowdry, Dane Baptiste & others have already had hundreds of thousands of users view their sets, you can read more about it and join the conversation here.

Takeaway: Find a genuine gap in the market and see if there is an organic way for your brand to fill that need. 

Animal Sanctuary Sweet Farm Introduced Goat2Meeting, Allowing You To Invite A Llama Or Goat To Your Next Zoom Meeting

A farm in Silicon Valley is offering remote workers around the world a way to break up the monotony of endless Zoom calls and video chats.

For less than $100, you can request a cameo appearance in your video chat from Sweet Farm's llamas, goats, and other farm animals. The project, called Goat-2-Meeting after the popular conferencing software, allows people to bring farm animals into their work happy hours and corporate conference calls

As the coronavirus pandemic leads millions to comply with lockdown orders and make remote working a daily occurrence, employers are turning to video calls on Zoom, Google Hangouts, and other software to mimic face-to-face meetings and conversations. Goat-2-Meeting is just one example of the innovative projects and offerings that have popped up in recent weeks to bring people together virtually.

The farm is partly funded by in-person visits, which have been made impossible because of the coronavirus pandemic. Goat-2-Meeting is a way Sweet Farm can make up some of its lost revenue.

Takeaway: Stand out from the crowd! Take your USP and bring something to the market that no other brand can. You’ll find that it can create both revenue and headlines. 

While inboxes may fill with profiteering emails, we’re inspired by the quick thinking and adaptability of the examples above. Feel free to reach out and share any other examples of brands creating opportunities for genuine engagement in a challenging market.